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KMRT-MK-01 True Power
Topic Started: Apr 26 2008, 01:55 AM (137 Views)
Aragh Darktalon
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Now a teenager, Tails prepares to attend Knothole High School for the first time, while dreams of his heritage begin to surface within him. After his powers go out of control, it is decided to send Tails on a quest of discovery to search for his lost heritage and to bring his powers under control.

Coming up next on the premiere episode of Mobian Kitsune!

This is my world, Come travel through it.
Troubles we've had, But I'm sure you knew it.
When Robotnik came to town... Sonic put him down...

T! T! T!
Triple Power! I am here! Kitsune Heritage! The villains fear!
I am older now... Give a shout, "Oh Wow!"

I'd help my buddy, Through thick and thin.
Scratch and Grounder, nitwits within.
Bad guys were often tough... Sonic was enough...

T! T! T!
Triple Power! I am here! Kitsune Heritage! The villains fear!
I am older now... Give a shout, "Oh Wow!"

My power rises, From within.
The demon Ogma, Wants me to sin.
New friends will help me out... We'll give a shout...

T! T! T!
Triple Power! I am here! Kitsune Heritage! The villains fear!
I am older now... Give a shout, "Oh Wow!"

Tails Teen Tales - Zero One

(in order of appearance)

Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus
Tails' real father (9-tailed Kitsune)
Mylanthi Oki'Prowlus
Tails' real mother (8-tailed Kitsune)
a threat to all kitsune (rotund horned jackal-headed demon)
a freedom fighter of Knothole (half-robotic rabbit)
a freedom fighter of Knothole (Everyone's favorite blue hedgehog!)
Princess Sally Acorn
a freedom fighter of Knothole (squirrel)
Miles "Tails" Prower (Mylanus Oki'Prowlus)
a freedom fighter of Knothole (2-tailed Kitsune)
a freedom fighter of Knothole (walrus)
a teenager of Knothole (boar)
a teenager of Knothole (otter)
a teenager of Knothole (cheetah)
a teenager of Knothole (syhhra (a phoenix-fox hybrid))
Dr. Robotnik
evil genius of Mobius (looks human, if you can call him that!)
Dr. Siara Oki'Natchi
formerly the robotic chicken, Scratch (3-tailed Kitsune)
Sir Falchion
Shield's father (a knightly boar)

Sega Corporation
My friends at Darktalon Underground and Fanfic Hero

KMRT-MK-01 True Power
BY JAMES GHALEON (Aragh Darktalon)

Chapter 01

Somewhere in a dream...

An elderly nine-tailed male fox stood protectively in front of an eight-tailed female fox, as a rotund horned jackal-headed demon confronted them in front of a bizarre temple. "We won't let you win, Ogma! You haven't won yet!"

Ogma grinned. "It's only a matter of time, Zarnathi Oki'Prowlus! Soon, all kitsune will serve me, and you'll then have to admit defeat! Your people fall too easily into my ways! They don't know how to defend themselves! It's only a matter of time!"

Zarnathi exclaimed, "Where there is hope, someone will go the extra miles to defeat you! Now begone from my temple, Ogma! You are not welcome here!"

Ogma growled at the dismissal. "There will come a day when I will own you all! Mark my words!" Ogma then vanished in an explosion of brimstone and fire!

Zarnathi sighed, then turned to his mate. "Are the preparations made?"

The female eight-tailed fox replied, "Yes, my husband, but... I am worried about him..."

Zarnathi smiled, kissing his mate gently. "Now Mylanthi... we've already been through this once... He cannot stay here. Ogma will surely claim him if he stays here. No, this is for the best. I just know that the Freedom Fighters of Knothole will raise him the right way. And our son will have the protection of the greatest Freedom Fighter, Sonic the Hedgehog."

Mylanthi smiled. "I sincerely hope that the Freedom Fighters can protect him. Ogma will not rest until we are all his slaves."

Zarnathi nodded his head. "They will protect him. Believe me."

The dream image then shifted to the entrance of Knothole where Sonic, Bunni and Princess Sally found the wicker basket containing the young fox boy with two-tails.

Bunni said, "Did you find any trace of his parents, Sonic?"

Sonic shook his head. "I searched the whole forest. Whoever they are, they simply vanished. What does the name tag say, Sally?"

Sally replied, "It's pretty strange, but here's what it says... Freedom Fighters. Our son's life is being threatened by a powerfully evil force. Please raise him as if he were one of your own. His name is Mylanus Oki'Prowlus, but please do NOT call him that in public. Give him a nickname, we beg of you. We only regret that we have shoved our problem on you. Please make use of the gold and silver in the basket as payment for raising our son... and that's all it says."

Sonic hummed, as he picked up the fox boy out of the basket. "Isn't he a cute little guy?"

End of Chapter 01
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