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The Port - Main Thread and Download Link; A new release is up!
Topic Started: Feb 2 2011, 10:59:18 PM (1,708 Views)
+Crossbow Joe+
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New Elgante
Download Here
This is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for mount and blade warband based around an island called New Elgante by the colonists that have settled it. In this mod there will be six factions, maybe seven, who all have their own goals and motives.

Features so far:
A new world map - I plan to expand this with more islands
6 new factions which replace the native ones:
Elgante Empire
Tribe of Snakes
The Karkans
The Rebels
The Lundmen
The Arlen Tribe
165 new items a mix of Thick 1988 OSP item variants mod, BNL Eighty years of war, the eagle and the radiant cross, the 15th century OSP pack and of course 39 of my own items.
New Character Creation Options Complete with background, skills and equipment
New Scenes - Port Horizon has been redone, with a new castle and town centre scene. Hamgild has new town centre and castle as well thanks to Azn_Soul. You can find them here
New Startup Quest - It is just a re-skin for now but I hope to make it lead to a full storyline. Pay attention to what he says! :wink:
Three new Companions - With background stories!
Firearms - it seems every mod has these, enjoy.
New banners - thanks to Mark Quinn
New Mercenaries - I plan to add more
Almost completely changed UI
a new cursor
new loading screens
Spoiler: click to toggle

and best of all a new menu background, with wooden planks behind each menu option.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Lots of new Music:
Thanks to Jon Sayles for his really great renaissance music and rejenorst
New animations:
thanks to papa lazarou
Four new multiplayer scenes with more to come, these are:
Coastal Village
Rebel Fort (Works in all game modes, except CTF)
River Ambush
Port Horizon
Fortified Rebel Village
Tabuka Island
Battle of Mesnen (Event)
More Metal Sounds Mod:
thanks to checkmaty
New Music by rejenorst
Camp Entrenchment
Construct-able Outposts
Textures have been redone: new skyboxes and improved buildings by sendmesmile, real water by cptjoker, new grass originally by painbringer but I have edited it alot and expanded horizons by openshaw
Factional Merchants
Garrison-able Villages
Ability to create your own vassal titles
And a few aesthetic changes like changing the months names and generally trying to get rid of native references.

This is a "diary" entry of a priest who resides in one of the larger colonist towns
Spoiler: click to toggle

Basically the colony has been abandoned for reasons unknown, the rebels beleive that without the emperor surveying the area, that they should make their own ruling class. Which are not tyrannical, it is an ideal however. They do not realise that the civil war is only tearing the already weakened colony in half. The Karkan tribe (the "filthy tribe from the mountains") have reportedly been consorting with the rebels but the Empire are not well informed on this. The Arlen tribe are basically the tribe which is being bribed by Elgante to turn on its neighbours. The Lundmen are a break-off of the Karkan Tribe who are on speaking terms with the empire. They trade all sorts of things which sometimes include weapons. They have been slightly duped in this though since the empire sometime does not tell them how to use them. Like the cannon shots being traded to them, without the cannons! The strange tribe who live on the southern promontory shaped like a snakes head seem completely alienated with every other tribe, as well as the colonist and rebels. They are providing the most stubborn resistance
to the colonists.

Faction Descriptions
Elgante Empire
The colony that remains loyal to the emperor, has the best armoured troops on the island
Spoiler: click to toggle

Pioneers: The common men of Elgante, equipped with crossbows and occasionally hand cannons. These are becoming less common as resources run low however.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Elgante Guard
The men who are the first to be called to arms in a crisis or a campaign. Equipped with halberds and a few swords
Spoiler: click to toggle

Elgante Cavalry
The esteemed men who have risen in the ranks of the army and been given Elgante's most precious resource; horses.
Spoiler: click to toggle

The Rebels
"Fear the man who has nothing to lose" and this definitely applies to the rebels. Any man who is confirmed or suspected of consorting with the rebels have their families and properties killed and confiscated respectively. Whilst many try to take their families with them it has become difficult due to a curfew in effect that no family is allowed to leave cities without written permission from the lord of the town.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Rebel Archers
A varied bunch who consist of hunters, proffessional bowmen, common bandits or men who just don't have the guts for the center of the fighting.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Rebel Fighter
The backbone of the rebel forces, these men have a strange hobby which seems to be sweeping the bored rebel troops, dueling. Such is their interest that many have taken to making their own rapiers and swords and being very competitive about the quality of their own weapons.
Spoiler: click to toggle

"The only men who have a horse are either noblemen or thieves" - and these men are the latter. Joining the rebel forces is incredibly appealing to the outlaws and bandits who's crimes are overlooked. And thus it is men like these that really swell the armies of the rebels.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Tribe of the Snakes
The strange men who reside on the very south of the island, on a promontory which is shaped like a snakes head, which is were they get their name. They seem to have islolated themselves from the other tribes and seem to have fought each of the tribes at one time or another. They provide the most stubborn resistance to the colonists
Spoiler: click to toggle

Snake Skirmishers:
The men that hit and run with such devastating force they are the most feared of the snake army. They do however appear to be the lowest in rank of the army.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Snake Furymen
These men seem to work themselves in to such a rage for a battle that they are branded with the name furymen. They are equipped with primitive shields and hand weapons
Spoiler: click to toggle

Snake Warriors
These seem to be the highest ranking troops that go to war in the snake tribe. They use pole arms with varying heads on them
Spoiler: click to toggle

The Karkans
This tribe lives in what is a large swathe of land in the centre of New Elgante from the mountains down to the foothills of the mountains and forest surrounding that. They seem to be the most barbaric of tribes, and seem to be allied with the rebels. Which either means they are more civilized than first thought or the rebels have indeed degenerated into barbarism.
Spoiler: click to toggle

The men from the highest peaks of New Elgante and what is really the only real snow that New Elgante receives in it's mild winter. They use primitive spears and picks and wear a fair bit of fur
Spoiler: click to toggle

Karkan Hunters
The foragers and hunters who live their lives collecting food. But are used in battle when needed. They use short bows and various clubs and primitive plank shields.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Karkan Raiders
The men who venture into enemy territory on a path of destruction. They have gotten quite a reputation for the speed and efficiency of their attacks. They use clubs, plank shields and primitive axes.
Spoiler: click to toggle

The Lundmen
The Lundmen are a break off from the Karkan Tribe, they strongly disagreed with the Karkans in that they believed the bets way to survive was to trade with the colonies. An historic event which has formed a symbol of the lundmen is the hacked off shield. It is said that Tifros a chief rebel of the Lundmen had had the top corner of his shield hacked off in one of the ensuing fights of the break off. It has since become a symbol of the Lundmen. The Lundmen had originally traded heavily with the colonist in the new monsters called horses. They quickly became adept riders and future generations get better and better. With a lack of horses now becoming a problem for the Empire they cannot help but regret ever giving them to the Lundmen. But the Lundmen did not get the upper hand of the bargain entirely, it is becoming common for traders to trade hand cannon shots and cannon balls to them but not informing them of their use. It has lead to some strange weaponry being implemented amongst the tribe.
The average warrior which make up the infantry of the tribal congregations. These are becoming less common as new generations take up the horse. They use clubs (some with hand cannon shots on top), axes and the iconic shields.
Lundic Scout
The horsemen. Can be found using anything from a crossbow on horseback to axes. The real strike force when it comes to battles

Costal Village:
Spoiler: click to toggle

River Ambush:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Rebel Fort:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Port Horizon (WIP)
The entire map will be accessible, perfect for a battle with one team in the city and another team starting at the far end of the map. With multiple hotspots, it will definitely have a lot of replay
Spoiler: click to toggle

Old screenshots, the main city is about the same though
Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

Planned Features:
Further focus on the factions
More gonnes and general colonist equipment.
Tribal armour for the snake tribe
Possibly crouching could be implemented
Sea Travel
Change tournament participants - this has been done to an extent but there are some problems with it
Implement Diplomacy - Permission is granted, but I am having trouble implementing. I am not a great scripter :|
Artillery (Maybe just for multiplayer)
After Death Cam

Basically I can use help from any field, I will even teach you something about modding if you don't know anything.
A Coder would be greatly appreciated though I know that coders don't grow off trees. Just PM me or post here if you would like to help, the more the merrier! :wink:

This is a beta test
Keep in mind that this is a beta test and it is my first mod. Mostly the thing I want feedback on at the moment is balance, currently it is a bit haywire.
Suggestions on how to improve this is welcomed as well as suggestions about the rest of the mod. Any bugs you run into report here and I will do my best to fix them.
But last of all have fun!
Edited by Crossbow Joe, Apr 21 2011, 07:36:53 AM.
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Awesome. Can't wait to get Warband now.
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Thanks for coming to me at the turning of the tide. The turning is the hardest time for me. XD

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+Crossbow Joe+
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A new release is up! :D
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