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Hello, and welcome to the Sasquatch Watch of Virginia Forum. Members are welcome to post in the public section, as long as they abide by the rules:

This is not intended to be a public forum; so we ask that posts be made "on topic", and this message board is intended for civil discourse among Sasquatch Watch of Virginia Forum members and those who have interest in Sasquatch/Bigfoot. This forum is NOT for the discussion of people's private lives, it shall remain on the topic of Bigfoot/Sasquatch except for areas dedicated for "other" discussions. However, this does NOT mean that private personal matters can be discussed. Disregard for this rule will mean IMMEDIATE deletion from this forum.

Understand: Flaming, Trolling, attacking, profanity, pornography, advertisement of sexual enhancing drugs, insulting, name calling, religous talk, political talk, multiple registrations under one computer, and like disruptive behavior will get your banned, QUICKLY. Don't do it here.

SPECIAL MESSAGE TO SPAMMERS!!! Do NOT post unrelated advertisements to this forum. If you do, you will be BANNED, IMMEDIATELY!!! No questions asked!