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Government Contacts
News and Current Affairs
Archempress: Elindra Kshrlmnt Dion Diablessa
Archemperor: Avakael Imperialia Diablessa
Getting Operations Going Again
On the Predator deletions; addressed to the members of the former DEN;
Apply to join The Imperial Legion
Apply to join The Diplomatic Guild
Apply to join The Inquisition
Apply to join The Church of Cruor
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Welcome to the forums of Incognita! We hope you enjoy your stay with our community. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which means you can only view a few areas of our forum and cannot post at all.

However, if you register an account, you will be able to serve in our armed forces, participate in the government and interact with the real NationStates gameplayer community, effectively becoming a full member of Unknown.

Registration is simple, fast, and helps the Unknown community get to know you as well as help you get involved and used to our NationStates world.

Once you register, we suggest you start a welcome thread here, and review our Welcome Guide.

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Entrance Hall

Regular Forum Directory to Unknown
Unknown Directory
Everything you need to know about Unknown, the who's who of the government and what we do.
The Unknown Guide Nov 27 2013, 03:53 PM, By Erebos Janmaren
0 viewers Topics: 10 Replies: 23
Subforums: Incognitan School of NationStates
Regular Forum Introductions and Applications
Introductions and Applications
Say hello, and apply for the Legion of Cruor, our raiding military--one of NationStates finest. Or apply for citizenship, or an Ambassadors mask. Whoever you are, your first stop for getting involved in Unknown should be here!
Ambassadorship: Lady Evanei Riket Today, 1:14 PM, By Lady Evanei Riket
0 viewers Topics: 597 Replies: 3,738
Regular Forum Silmerian Centre for Diplomacy
Silmerian Centre for Diplomacy
Where the Embassies shall be found.
May 2016 Foreign Dispatch May 15 2016, 02:52 PM, By George G. Nelson
0 viewers Topics: 308 Replies: 552
Subforums: Ainur, Albion, The Alliance of Queens, Equilism, Glass Gallows, HYDRA Command, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Land of Kings and Emperors, Lone Wolves United, The New Inquisition, Osiris, The Rejected Realms, The West Pacific
Regular Forum Technical Help and Administration
Technical Help and Administration
For all your admin bothering needs. If you need something done by an administrator or require technical help, request it here.
Permissions Apr 16 2016, 08:16 PM, By Tyegea
0 viewers Topics: 46 Replies: 167

The Old City

Regular Forum Dion Broadcasting Corporation
Dion Broadcasting Corporation
News of Unknown
On the Predator deletions; addressed to th… Apr 17 2016, 01:43 AM, By Tyegea
0 viewers Topics: 327 Replies: 3,644
Subforums: Imperial Military News
Regular Forum O'Riordian's Tavern
O'Riordian's Tavern
Located in the heart of Domus Requiis Aeternae, this thriving tavern boasts the finest food and drink throughout the land. It welcomes every raider with unflinching hospitality. Quiet at times and rowdy and raucous at others, this is THE place to be in Unknown.
My Trump! May 13 2016, 04:37 PM, By Yuno
1 viewer Topics: 571 Replies: 29,432
Subforums: Pub Games, Politician's Lounge, Arcade, Max Barry Hall of Nationstates
Regular Forum Kshrlmnt Hall of the Arts
Kshrlmnt Hall of the Arts
A place to share the arts, both your own and your favorites.
Unknown Albums May 2 2016, 10:46 PM, By Liddell Hart
0 viewers Topics: 163 Replies: 2,417
Subforums: The Picture Gallery, The Scriptorium, Radio Incognita, The Kitchen, Incognitan Gaming Convention, Bloodywood, The Dead Battlefields, The Gala Aboard The Golden Gale, Carnival of Blood, National Roleplay

Aemus Government Hall

Regular Forum The Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace of Incognita, housing the various offices and audience chambers to the Archemperor and his advisors.
Recruitment May 11 2016, 11:33 PM, By Avakael
0 viewers Topics: 25 Replies: 405
Regular Forum The Diplomatic Guild
The Diplomatic Guild
The Diplomatic Guild is the "friendly" public presence of Unknown abroad.
Diplomatic Guild May 4 2016, 11:57 AM, By Sanguinius
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 0
Regular Forum The Inquisition
The Inquisition
The primary intelligence apparatus of the Unknown Empire of Incognita, and one of the most dangerous institutions in NationStates.
Inquisition Application Apr 18 2016, 01:12 AM, By Avakael
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 4
Regular Forum The Imperial Legion
The Imperial Legion
One of the most feared and decorated military forces in the history of NationStates.
Imperial Legion Application May 13 2016, 04:25 PM, By Yuno
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 9
Regular Forum The Church of Cruor
Incognita Cathedral
The keepers of the religious texts and doctrines associated to Cruor and the Pantheon of Cruor, and the organizers of cultural and OOC activities.
A request to the Church of Cruor Jan 20 2016, 06:22 PM, By Fanix Fortier
0 viewers Topics: 7 Replies: 77
Regular Forum Office of Regional Intelligence
Office of Regional Intelligence
ORI applications Mar 7 2015, 10:52 PM, By Avakael
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 0
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